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Remembering Dalton in his 21st year  / Donna Slatten   Read >>
Remembering Dalton in his 21st year  / Donna Slatten
Our hearts break for your loss of Dalton. What a precious little boy. We got a glimpse of your lovely family and lodge on the TV series, Hotel Hell, with Gordon Ramsey. Although we respect Gordon and know that he was appropriately sympathetic, it is impossible for anyone to relate to those of us that share membership in this club from hell. They can't get that any passion we once had, it leaves us. We become the walking dead. We suffered the loss of a child, a wonderful little boy only 13 months old due to drowning, on someone else's watch. We know what it feels like to "go away" or to go back to whatever work one does just to keep from going crazy. But nothing really matters anymore. Grief is hard work and a long, never-ending process. The loss of our babies are most horrific, it changes us at a cellular level forever. This year would be an exciting time for Dalton, as he turned 21. No doubt he would have grown into a most handsome young man, spreading sunshine as always. The closest y'all will come, Dave and Dede, to experiencing that love you have for Dalton and your other children will be when Dalton's siblings gift you with grandchildren. We hope that's sooner than later and that one or all of those grandchildren have the honor of carrying his name as one of theirs. Happy 21st Birthday dearest Dalton! Close
He's a good kid........ Can't wait to meet him.  / Diante Wayne ((Braden Erickson's friend) )  Read >>
He's a good kid........ Can't wait to meet him.  / Diante Wayne ((Braden Erickson's friend) )
My condolences to the family of Dalton, I'm so deeply sorry for the loss of your loved one, Dalton. He is a beautiful boy. I've seen pictures of him. What a happy child. He may not be the only one playing the game. I lost my brother, Braden to the Choking Game on May 20, 2005. He was only thirteen. He was a good friend. He will always have a smile on his face. He is a happy child. He's especially a class clown, love to make everyone laugh. I'm sure Braden will make Dalton laugh someday until they meet. I can't wait to meet Dalton. Both of these boys will have their smiles on their faces. Dalton, please stand beside my brother, Braden and he will too. Their memories will live on with us. Dalton will be remembered forever. You and my buddy are missed. Close
My deepest sympathy  / Maureen   Read >>
My deepest sympathy  / Maureen

While I may have only knew Dalton and your family for a short time I am very sad by this. He was a bright, energetic young boy whom I will remember always. He had the ability to brighten any ones day. I often think about your family and pray that everyone is okay. My prayers are with you all.

Love Maureen

My sweet little boy  / Dave Eby (Father)  Read >>
My sweet little boy  / Dave Eby (Father)

I want to thank everyone for your heart felt comments and memories of my sweet little boy. He was the sunshine in all of our lives.

Dalton had a gift of touching everyone he came in contact with. Everyone that knew Dalton loved him, he was so full of life and joy, what an example he has left us.

Lets reflect on that special quality and try to find some joy in everyday we have on this earth.

I know there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him, now we need to find the joy in life that he found so easily.

I thank God for the many blessing we have and will remember Dalton everyday. I will try to embrace life as he did, what a great example to follow.

Thanks for all the support from our friends and community we truely appreciate everyone


Dave Eby


I Remember when.....  / Ashley Norman (Older Brothers Friend )  Read >>
I Remember when.....  / Ashley Norman (Older Brothers Friend )
I am truly sorry for the loss of such a great life 
i remember they my sisters and i had it planned Desiree
would marry Dalton i would marry Preston and Corina
would marry Zack such a long time ago i must have
only been in the 4th grade i just truly wanna say that
i am sorry and that i wish i would have known sooner.
Your beautiful son  / Rita Sittig   Read >>
Your beautiful son  / Rita Sittig
I am so sorry for the loss of your baby boy. He is so cute and I know you miss him very much. Please know you are not alone. I come to this website very often and it really helps tp be able to talk to others who are going thru the same things that we are. We lost our 37 yr. son 2 years ago 7-23-06 and believe me the pain is still very  fresh. I know it will ease with time but it will never leave my heart. 
Take care and your will be in our thoughts and prayers. Close
My deepest sorry  / Teresa Goins   Read >>
My deepest sorry  / Teresa Goins
I am sadened to hear about your son. I hope time will heal your pain, because I know the hurt never goes away. My 6 year old son is constanlty putting ropes, string, etc around his neck & I can not make him understand how dangerous this is. I am scared to death this is going to happen to him. If he is in his room playing & I don't hear him for a few minutes I go running because I am afraid something has happend. I put everything away if I think he can get it around his neck, but he always seems to find something else. I hope the tragedy you have had to go through will open the eyes of these other kids playing this "game" & make them realize it is not something "fun" to do. GOD BLESS YOU Close
To the community from the Eby's  / Eby Family   Read >>
To the community from the Eby's  / Eby Family
Eby family writes to the community
Island Park News
July 22, 2005

To the hearts of Island Park and Ashton, Idaho
To friends and family far away

   With the deepes sincerity, we express our love and gratitude for all you have done for us this past week. As a very good friend of ours Colonel George “Cotton” Gililland always says, “Never leave your wounded.” 
   I am truly wounded. God knows I wanted to lie down beside that baby in that grave and not get up and my life would have been easier. With every look in my eyes, each sympathy card, each heartfelt expression, the beautiful plants and flowers, the donations that were a huge sacrifice, the hugs and hand squeezes, the food driven up from Ashton, the wonderful meals from neighbors, the all night searching from volunteers and the tireless search and rescue team, the people who volunteered to help at our lodge, the employees who went above and beyond the call of duty, the poems, books and candles that were sent, the people who drove hundreds of miles to be with us, and the people who attended the services. We have put faces to every one of these expressions of caring and love, and it was the same as all of you extending a hand to a wounded dying solider in action. Each expression has pulled us along step by step.
   Dalton was sunshine. Everyone was his friend; he knew no strangers and wore his heart on his sleeve. We could see him excelling in sports in high school and we looked forward to those years. He wanted to be a professional baseball and football player and buy me a new car. He also wanted to work with handicapped children. 
   Dalton played a game he didn’t know to be deadly. He had seen and heard older kids doing it thinking it was a mysterious and funny thing. To think of a game taking away a child’s life is the extreme definition of inconceivable. I believe we have all played games we shouldn’t have as children. Dalton just got caught and for some reason that we may never understand, didn’t slip away from the game unscathed as most of us do. To all parents we pray that all games hidden will be known.
   Dalton came down to this earth and has known no sorrow, or pain nor had to take a job. Every day was the best day of his life, and he told me that often. His only worry was how many snakes or frogs he was going to catch and with whom. He rode his bike as fast as it could go, he swam and water skied as hard as he could, he followed his brothers’ cliff jumping as high as he could go. He raced snowmobiles, had crushes on the pretty girls at our lodge, fished, hunted, and floated the river every day. He ate and slept just as hard as he played, living every little boys dream. We do a lot of weddings at our lodge, and Dalton always wanted to be in the weddings and dance with the bride. He finally got his wish when his cousin got married the first of July and Dalton was the ringbearer. He danced with the bride and when his cousin got up from the head of the table, Dalton quickly sat in his chair to see what it felt like to be the groom, if only for a few minutes.
   He rode all the extreme crazy rides at the fun parks, learned to do back handsprings, and standing back flips, and was just starting piano lessons. Dalton came down here and played as hard as he could for ten years without knowing any grief. 
   His brother Zack said, “He’s got it good! He is up in heaven with Uncle Cody and Grandpa eating Fat Boys and riding horses, while Preston and I are doing garbage dump runs and painting the deck”. 
   A Navajo friend told me that people who have passed will come to you in a rainbow, that’s when they visit us here. I didn’t get my hopes up or think much of it because there has been no bad weather or chance of rain. One day I was standing in the kitchen feeling one of the deeper times of my sorrow after some articles had come out in the newspaper. My little three-year-old nephew came in and said to me “Look Aunt Dede, a rainbow!” The sun had hit the kitchen door window in such a way that when I looked down there was a rainbow clear across my shirt.
   Dalton ran as hard and as fast as he could into the arms of Jesus. We are getting by one second, one minute, and one day at a time. We just wanted each of you to know you have lightened our burden in a huge way with all you have done. We know you all grieve with us and we know that God answers each of your prayers. Your prayers are like medicine to us and they ease our pain.
   Revelations 21:4: “He will wipe away every fear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”
   All our love,
   The Eby Family
   Dave, Dede, Zack, Preston, and Savannah
One year ago  / Elizabeth Laden (Friend)  Read >>
One year ago  / Elizabeth Laden (Friend)
Soon it will be one year since you passed away but it seems like yesterday. Your Mom sent many of us ballons and asked us to blow them up and pop them in memory of those times when you enjoyed bursting balloons, so we will do that tomorrow. We had breakfast at the lodge last week and thought of all the times we would see you there playing with your siblings. We do our best to bring joy to life and we trust that the grief your parents feel will still allow the sunshine in so that they can reflect it to others. You are now like the sparkling rays of light dancing on top of the river. We see them and delight in them but they always move away. They are not something we can grab and hold onto, but the light will still live in our hearts. Bless your family and send them joyful memories. Close
~Thinking Of You~  / Melissa Carlie Adams Grandma..   Read >>
~Thinking Of You~  / Melissa Carlie Adams Grandma..

The Wings Of An Angel
So Pure And So White,
The Wings Of An Angel
Holding You Tight,
The Wings Of An Angel
Caressing Your Skin,

The Wings Of An Angel
Keeping The Love Within.
These Wings From An Angel
Are My Gift To You,
These Wings From An Angel
Will Help See You Through.

Love and (((hugs))) From,
~Melissa's Grandma~
The Cord  / Marilyn Barnes   Read >>
The Cord  / Marilyn Barnes
The Cord

We are connected,
My child and I, by
An invisible cord
Not seen by the eye.

It's not like the cord
That connects us at birth
This cord can't be seen
By any on earth.

This cord does its work
Right from the start.
It binds us together
Attached to my heart.

I know that it's there
Though no one can see
The invisible cord
From my child to me.

The strength of this cord
It's hard to describe
It can't be destroyed
It can't be denied

It's stronger than any cord
Man could create
It withstands the test
Can hold any weight

And though you are gone
And you are not here with me,
The cord is still there
But no one can see.

It pulls at my heart
I am bruised, I am sore,
But this cord is my lifeline
As never before.

I'm thankful that God
Connects us this way,
A mother and a child
Death can't take it away!

Message from Sarah Mordecai  / Sarah Mordecai   Read >>
Message from Sarah Mordecai  / Sarah Mordecai

Dearest Dave, DeDe, Zachery, Preston and Savannah:
Dalton is a beautiful boy! My heart is broken for all of you, and for all of us. I have been thinking of you every waking hour since this happened to Dalton and to you. It happened to me as well.
My son died the same way, playing the same 'game'. Gabriel died on May 6, 2005 two weeks after Chelsea Dunn. Gabriel was 13, yesterday his twin turned 14 without him.
Nothing I say can bring you relief, however I want you to know that we are on this road from hell together, for what reason I'm not sure. I miss my boy so much, the guilt I feel is immense, as is the anger,despair,confusion ... everything is so wrong. Barely do I function, and Samuel, Gabe's twin still needs me.. I love him every bit as much as I love Gabriel, yet I'm crippled and can't seem to get back on track... I have to work and if I hadn't been and still am in contact with Chelsea's family I'm fairly sure I would have gone completely mad by now.  Dear people, I wish we had our boys, I wish I could somehow help.. If ever any or all of you want to talk, call, anything, anytime of the day or night, do. I hate to say I know how you feel, but I do . Your boy is radiant... I know how bad it hurts, I know how badly you want him home..NOW... I know...
You all are in my heart and constantly on my mind....
Still loving all four of my children,
http://StillLovingMyGabriel.com            530-877-7123

Message from Tammy Dunn  / Tammy Dunn   Read >>
Message from Tammy Dunn  / Tammy Dunn

Dear Eby family- I am so sorry to hear of your loss.  My heart aches to hear this horrible game has taken another young life.  Dalton is a beautiful young man.  I too have lost a child to this horrible game.  Chelsea died April 14, 2005 she was an incredible girl who had talents like no other.  

I wish I could say something to bring you some relief but I can not.  I myself am still trying to find that relief.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not miss my daughter and cry for her.  I have to drag myself out of bed everyday for my other children they need me to be there for them.  All I can do is try to make there lives as normal as it can be after there sisters death.  I know that is what Chelsea would have wanted. 

If you want to talk I am here for you and so is my husband (Joe) unfortunately we know what you are going through.  I  talk to Sara her son Gab dead a couple of weeks after Chelsea.  It really helps to talk to her and know my feeling are completely normal.

I am thinking of you

Tammy Dunn  208-467-0903


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