Dalton Eby
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Dalton Eby lit a candle on 07/04/2019: "GUYS IM STUCK IN THE COFFIN IM ALIVE LET ME OUT!!!!"
Carli Mason lit a candle on 06/20/2019: "He’s in safe, good hands now."
Erin Costello. lit a candle on 02/28/2019: "Beautiful family and loving people , may god bless you all. This stranger will remember you."
Alex lit a candle on 02/28/2019: "May he rest peacefully."
Stefano lit a candle on 02/07/2019: "Ended here after watching hotel hell episode. So sorry for your loss! You're a beautiful family! Love from Italy"
Anna lit a candle on 01/18/2019: "Rest in peace."
Cassie lit a candle on 12/21/2018: "Never forget. Love from New York."
Freddie lit a candle on 08/19/2018: "Dalton is loved by everyone he met. May God bless your family."
Maria lit a candle on 08/15/2018: "May God continue to bless him and to bless you. Love from England."
Chelsea Dawn lit a candle on 05/20/2018: "Sending you guys love!"
Sal Beth lit a candle on 04/03/2018: "Sending thoughts to you all as each year goes by, a loss unbearable...God bless you all."
Sav lit a candle on 03/04/2018: "I am sorry to hear about your loss. I hope your family can and has found comfort in the years since. Prayers."
Christina Saunders lit a candle on 05/11/2017: "Sending my love. From a mother of 2 in North Carolina"
Katherine Wozniak lit a candle on 12/21/2016: "I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful son and brother."
Janne Sjöström lit a candle on 08/10/2016: "So sorry for your loss, unbearable. / Mother of 2 sons Sweden"
Sheryl lit a candle on 07/31/2016: "I pray that your family has strength and peace. God Bless."
Erin lit a candle on 07/27/2016: "This candle was lit in memory of Dalton Eby. Know that he will be with you, always. Love from Ohio"
Stephanie McGettigan lit a candle on 07/27/2016: "PRAYERS"
Margaret Lethbridge-Cejku lit a candle on 07/17/2016: "I'm so sorry for your loss. Zach's memorial will help other kids. I hope you all can remember Dalton's joy. Bless you."
Johanna Cullum lit a candle on 07/07/2016: "I heard of this tragedy whilst watching hotel nightmares, just heart breaking - sending love from the UK X"
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