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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Dalton Eby who was born in Wyoming on March 22, 1995 and passed away on July 07, 2005 at the age of 10. We will remember him forever.
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Remembering Dalton in his 21st year   / Donna Slatten
Our hearts break for your loss of Dalton. What a precious little boy. We got a glimpse of your lovely family and lodge on the TV series, Hotel Hell, with Gordon Ramsey. Although we respect Gordon and know that he was appropriately sympathetic, it is ...  Continue >>
He's a good kid........ Can't wait to meet him.   / Diante Wayne ((Braden Erickson's friend) )
My condolences to the family of Dalton, I'm so deeply sorry for the loss of your loved one, Dalton. He is a beautiful boy. I've seen pictures of him. What a happy child. He may not be the only one playing the game. I lost my brother, Braden to the Ch...  Continue >>
My deepest sympathy   / Maureen
While I may have only knew Dalton and your family for a short time I am very sad by this. He was a bright, energetic young boy whom I will remember always. He had the ability to brighten any ones day. I often think about your family and pray that eve...  Continue >>
My sweet little boy   / Dave Eby (Father)
I want to thank everyone for your heart felt comments and memories of my sweet little boy. He was the sunshine in all of our lives. Dalton had a gift of touching everyone he came in contact with. Everyone that knew Dalton loved him, he was so full o...  Continue >>
I Remember when.....   / Ashley Norman (Older Brothers Friend )
I am truly sorry for the loss of such a great life i remember they my sisters and i had it planned Desiree would marry Dalton i would marry Preston and Corina would marry Zack such a long time ago i must have only been in the 4th grade i just truly w...  Continue >>
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His legacy
Pass out game speech - 2006 by Zack Eby  
Imagine this. You come home from swimming one day with a friend. You walk into your home and your mom says she has dinner ready. She asks you to go get everyone for dinner. You notice that everyone is already there except your little brother Dalton, who went to play at a friend’s house. So you and your mom go to his friend’s house and discover that no one’s home. No biggie, you think to yourself, they’re probably riding bikes around your small neighborhood. So, you both drive around. Dalton is nowhere you look.

You’re starting to panic, but just a little, because your little brother always checks in and always says where he is going. You and your mom decide to check the houses of other friends in the area. Every house is checked and all the friends are there but no Dalton. You and your mom are definitely running on full panic-mode now. You decide to go home and wait because Dalton never comes home after dark. But dark comes and still no little brother. By now, everyone in the neighborhood is called and everyone is out looking. An hour goes by and your mom breaks into hysterical tears and calls search and rescue. They come. They search and search and it extends through the restless night. It’s now six o clock in the morning, and they bring in the dogs and the man from the search and rescue asks you to get in the truck with him to go look around friends houses in the daylight. Then over the radio you hear,

“We’ve found the boy.”

Excitement mixed with anxiousness and worry rushes over you. All you can do is hope and pray for the best. The next words you hear over the radio will haunt you for the rest of your life:

“He’s dead.”

It hits you in the face like a ton of bricks. Everything in your body screams and you don’t know what to do. Then the next thing hits you. You know you have to go back and tell your family what’s happened to your little brother. The search and rescue guy goes in the house and breaks the news to your family. Then there’s the sound of heart breaking. It’s a sound you won’t ever be able to describe to anyone. “Hell on Earth” has new meaning for your family from this moment on.

Search and rescue explains that your little brother Dalton was found leaned into a rope that was tied to a tree about ½ mile from your house. 

During the course of the investigation that followed, it was learned that your brother was participating in a game that is common knowledge to many of our youth. A game known as the “pass-out game.”

The little brother scenario that I just explained to you is not a made-up story. It is not a story that I found in some obscure magazine in my library. It happened to me this summer. It was MY little brother Dalton who paid the ultimate price for this “game.”
The sad thing is every bit of it could have easily been avoided.

So what is the pass-out game? Why do many of our youth know and/or participate in this game? Is it really that deadly? Why do so few adults know about this game and its dangers? What can we do to stop this deadly game? Throughout the next few minutes, you will find the answers to these questions. So what exactly is the pass-out game, and why do so many youth participate in it? The pass out game is not new, but it has been in the media a lot lately. It’s called “the pass-out game,” the “dream game,” “Space Monkey,” “Black-out,” or simply “the Game.” The idea is to literally make yourself pass out during this “game.” The method is simple. Just do anything that cuts off your air-supply. Youth do it by hanging themselves, sitting in chairs that are positioned in such a way that allows air supply cut off-other youth can literally choke you until you pass out. There are a variety of ways that youth can play. I’ve participated in this game myself. It started out as just a harmless game. We knew it wasn’t good for us, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would lead to this. There were various ways of getting passed out. Sometimes we would jump on someone’s back and put the sleeper hold on him. In a matter of seconds they black out and hit the floor. We would also hyperventilate and wake up a few seconds later.

What causes the brain to shut down is the shutting off of the carotid arteries on each side of the neck. The only way your brain receives oxygen is through these blood vessels. Obviously without oxygen your brain just shuts down. As you’re gaining consciousness a weird felling starts to come over you. You get a tingling sensation all over your body.

Why do so many youth participate in this game? According to “Deadly Games Children Play Awareness Association,” youth do it for a couple of reasons: One-to assert themselves as the “cool kid” that can do anything on a dare, two-because youth report that it is “funny” to watch someone pass out, three-to get a euphoric feeling or high, and four-because simply DO NOT KNOW THE DANGERS INVOLVED.”

At no point in my life of doing this game did I think of it as getting a high. Of course it felt really cool but the only reason we did it was to see other people get passed out. It was really funny to us to see somebody completely black and they make funny faces and mumble really dumb things.

Why do so many youth participate in pass out games if they are so deadly? Tami Randohl, a Junior High School Mental Health Counselor in Lawrence Kansas says that “kids aren’t aware of the dangers of this deadly game. In addition, kids also think they are invincible, and nothing bad could ever happen to them.” I never imagined that someone could die doing this. Never in a million years.

Unfortunately my little brother discovered a way to do it with a rope tied to a tree. He and some friends would lean into the rope and it cut off air supply.

On the day that he died, evidently he decided to go over to the tree house and was supposed to meet a friend there. His friend was late showing up, so he decided to do “the game” once before his friend arrived. His friend ended up not being able to meet him that day, but Dalton didn’t know that at the time. He leaned into the rope and he passed out. There was nobody there to pull him out of it. He stayed leaned into it and the oxygen never reached his brain again. This was the last “game” Dalton would ever play.

My little Dalton wasn’t the only one to die from the passing out. Others are going through the same things my family and I are experiencing because of this stupid ridiculous game.

For instance, just three months before Dalton’s death, a little girl in Nampa Idaho was found in her room in a closet with a belt around her neck. Her name was Chelsea Dunn. She was thirteen years old. She decided to do it by herself in her room not knowing that she wouldn’t wake up without the belt released.

The investigations discovered that the pass-out game was pretty popular with a group of girls at her school. In fact there were seven girls suspended because they were caught on camera doing it to each other.

Ashley Tucker played this game at a slumber party. Her friend used her hands to make Ashley pass out. Ashley didn’t wake up. She went into a coma and spent months in rehabilitations and had seizures for two years. And now , five years later, Ashley has permanent brain damage.

None of these children knew about the dangers. 

But why, if this is such a common youth pastime, do so few adults know about this game and its danger.
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